Rhine Crossings

The crossing of the Rhine: Operation Plunder and Operation Varsity

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Beginning on the night of 23 March 1945, Operation Plunder was the crossing of the River Rhine at Rees, Wesel, and south of the Lippe River by the British Second Army, under Lieutenant-General Miles C. Dempsey (Operations TurnscrewWidgeon, and Torchlight), and the United States Ninth Army (Operation Flashpoint), under Lieutenant General William H. Simpson. The U.S. XVIII Airborne Corps, consisting of the British 6th and U.S. 17th Airborne Divisions, conducted Operation Varsity, airborne landings on the east bank in support of Operation Plunder.  Involving more than 16,000 paratroopers and several thousand aircraft, it was the largest airborne operation in history to be conducted on a single day and in one location. All of these formations were part of the 21st Army Group under Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery. This was part of a coordinated set of Rhine crossings.

On this tour we cover Operation Veritable: the clearing of the area west of the River Rhine and Operations Plunder and Varsity by going into Operations Turnscrew, Widgeon and Torchlight in depth and Operation Varisty we go into great details the airborne landing around Hamminkeln.

Rhine Crossings Tour 1

German cemetery chapel

rhine crossings 1

Unknown soldier

rhine crossings 5

German war dead from Spring 1945

rhine crossings 17

Groesbeek Canadian cemetery

rhine crossings 6

Canadian Maple at Groesbeek

rhine crossings 16

Operation Veritable Canadians

rhine crossings 3

Norwegian flyer with RAF at Reichswald CWGC

rhine crossings 13

Reichswald CWGC resting place for British

rhine crossings 18

British paid a heavy price

rhine crossings 15

Starting point for Operation Plunder

rhine crossings 26

We base ourselves near Xanten

rhine crossings 11

Xanten, Klebe, Koch all had to be cleared

rhine crossings 30

Fierce fighting around the Hochwald

rhine crossings 12

Map of the Hochwald Gap

rhine crossings 19

Flat area to the left is the Hochwald Gap

rhine crossings 21

Crossing point at Rees

rhine crossings 33

Bailey bridge constructed here

rhine crossings 28

Building on the north bank with damage

rhine crossings 23

Railway bridge at Wesel

rhine crossings 2

1st Commando Bridge crossing at Wesel

rhine crossings 24

Old wall at the Wire factory, a strong point

rhine crossings 10

British Drop Zone for Operation Varsity

rhine crossings 9

This guest’s father’s glider landed right here!

rhine crossings 8

Battle damage on bridge