Nazi Munich, Berchtesgaden, Obersalzburg, Hitler’s Berghof & Eagles Nest

Nazi Munich, Berchtesgaden, Obersalzburg, Hitler’s Berghof & Eagles Nest

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The Bavarian capital of Munich held a special place in the Nazi pantheon  …  it was the “Hauptstadt der Bewegung” – the Capital of the Movement – the birthplace of the Nazi Party. Throughout the Third Reich period, Munich remained the spiritual capital of the Nazi movement, with headquarters buildings, museums to house the forms of artworks approved by Adolf Hitler, and shrines to the attempted Nazi putsch in November 1923. The Bavarian area of Obersalzberg was purchased by the Nazis in the 1920s for their senior leaders to enjoy. Hitler’s mountain residence, the Berghof, was located here. The Eagle’s Nest sits right at the very top. 

Tour information:

Day One we go on a walking tour taking in the Old Town Hall, the Kurt Eisner memorial, we discuss the post WWI revolution period and Hitler’s early political career. We look at the controversial Memorial Pavement Plaque, the Max Joseph Platz and the Thuelegesellschaft HQ. We discuss the NSDAP 1919-1923 era, introducing Dietrich Ekardt, Himmler and Völkish thinking from the last 500 years eg: Atlantis was Sweden, the Aryan race came to earth on a comet as a seed etc. We consider Tacitus Germania, the foundation stone of the Holocaust deriving from 50AD. We visit the TG HQ building and also here the Hofgraben that Hitler painted, his best selling picture post card. We go inside the Hofbrauhaus, discuss the 1923 putsch, consider Hitler as Munich
celebrity and we go into the hall and see Hitler’s seat area. 

The Viscardigasse area sets up the putsch, here Hitler and his band were forced into trap. Later non believers could escape the memorial and saluting. We cover the full story of November 1923 and Georg Elser in November 1939. The Gold path for the ‘resisters’ to avoid memorial, holes for Nazi plaque, Feldherrenhalle Odeons platz, the Putsch continued, the Memorialisation of matyrs, bloodflag Nurmberg Rallies etc. We see the Hall, square, plaque Hofgarten. We see the memorial to resistance, white rose, WWII memorial controversial, site of degenerate art exhibit. The Haus of German art. Architecture and annual ‘City of German art’ idea. Train line 1 Lehel u bahn to Prinzregenten Platz Hitler apartment. Return same way alight Odeons Platz. We walk to the Holocaust memorial, Gestapo HQ, Rothschild house, Munich’s problems with past, Gestapo HQ, persecution of Jews and the deportations, Bruckmann house and the NSDAP court building. We consider Hitler’s connections and the dinner party phase, Nietzsche’s sister, Hanfstaengel, Bechstein etc. The Koenigsplatz. Fuhrerbau site of Braunhaus, memorials to 1923 martyrs/temples of honour.

If we’re lucky and discreet we could get into Fuhrerbau foyer. This really is a full on comprehensive tour which sets us up for our time at Berchtesgaden. Then by train, included, we head down towards Austria into Berchtesgaden town. After settling into our hotel we head for dinner in a traditional local restaurant looking up to the mountains. 

Day Two we explore the Nazi era train station and post office before travelling up the mountain by bus (included) to the Platterhof and explore the museum and underground bunker system. The group travels up the mountain to the Eagles Nest by special mountain bus (included) to the famous lift shaft area. Here breathtaking views can be had both down into Germany and across to Austria. From here guests have great views down to Hitler’s house, the Berghof area. After lunch guests are taken back down by bus (included) to Hitler’s Berghof (his house) to explore, so too Bormann’s house area, the SS Barrack area and then to the Zum Turken underground bunker and tunnel system that links them all. These bunkers are privately owned and appear as though the war ended yesterday. Every now and again they are closed and if they are we have other things planned. After exploring a Nazi era coal bunker storage area guests are then given a choice to either return back to the town (included) or walk down the mountain via Hitler’s daily walk to the Tea House area (quite a tough walk and not for everyone).

Day Three we explore the town of Berchtesgaden. We see the the mountain tunnel where Hitler’s train was hidden, SS Bridge Guardhouses and various war memorials and cemeteries. The group will also be shown the grave in the town cemetery of the man many call Hitler’s mentor, the individual who first introduced Hitler to Berchtesgaden. Berchtesgaden is a pretty mountain town and guests will have an opportunity to discover it for themselves as well before we travel on to Salzburg airport (included) so guests can catch their flights home the next day or stay on to enjoy this lovely city.


Berchtesgaden Railway Station






Berchtesgaden Railway Station


Berchtesgaden Railway Station


Eagles Nest




Hofbrauhaus, Munich


Lift up to the Eagles Nest






Berchtesgaden cemetery