Hitler’s Wolf’s Lair, East Prussia

Hitlers Wolfs Lair Tour 

September 13-17 2019, £599 plus £45 per night single room supplement, where applicable. Places available.

The Wolf’s Lair was Adolf Hitler’s first Eastern Front military headquarters in World War II. The complex, which would become one of several Führerhauptquartiere (Führer Headquarters) located in various parts of occupied Europe, was built for the start of Operation Barbarossa – the invasion of the Soviet Union – in 1941. It was constructed by Organisation Todt. The top secret, high security site was in the Masurian woods about 8 km (5 miles) east of the small East Prussian town of Rastenburg (now Kętrzyn, Poland). Three security zones surrounded the central complex where the Führer’s bunker was located. These were guarded by personnel from the SS Reichssicherheitsdienst and the Wehrmacht’s armoured Führerbegleitbrigade. Despite the security, the most notable assassination attempt against Hitler was made at the Wolf’s Lair on 20 July 1944. Hitler first arrived at the headquarters on 23 June 1941. In total, he spent more than 800 days at the Wolfsschanze during a 3½-year period until his final departure on 20 November 1944.

The itinerary is the same as the 1st 3 days of our Valkyrie trip: http://www.militaryhistorytours.co.uk/2015/operation-valkyrie/