Battle of Moscow

Battle for Moscow Trip

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The German strategic offensive, named Operation Typhoon, called for two pincer offensives, one to the north of Moscow against the Kalinin Front by the 3rd and 4th Panzer Armies, simultaneously severing the Moscow–Leningrad railway, and another to the south of Moscow Oblast against the Western Front south of Tula, by the 2nd Panzer Army, while the 4th Army advanced directly towards Moscow from the west. Initially, the Soviet forces conducted a strategic defence of the Moscow Oblast by constructing three defensive belts, deploying newly raised reserve armies, and bringing troops from the Siberian and Far Eastern Military Districts. As the German offensives were halted, a Soviet strategic counter-offensive and smaller-scale offensive operations forced the German armies back to the positions around the cities of Oryol, Vyazma and Vitebsk, and nearly surrounded three German armies.

Day One:

MHT’s Alexander Shmidke meets guests at our central Moscow hotel at 09:00 before exploring the key sites within the city centre so as to orientate ourselves and get a real feel for Moscow and it’s history:

GUM Department store

Lubyanka Square (KGB centre)

Red Square (Lenin’s Tomb)

Arbat street (General Staff HQ)

Plus a Metro tour

Day Two:

We spend the day at the two big museums inside the city limits so we can set the scene for the battle:

Poklonnaya Hill Museum

Central Armed Forces Museum

Day Three:

The big battlefield day:

Khimki Nefedyevo (2) Zelenograd1 (2)

Stop at the Memorial in Khimki, the furthest point of the German advance towards Moscow (above left)

Visit to the battlefield site in Nefedyevo where a Soviet KV tank destroyed a German armoured column (above middle)

Tour of Memorials in Zelenograd. Stop at the highly contested train station at Kryukovo (above right)

Stop at the Memorial at Snegiri and Sadki village, the furthest point of the German advance to the West of Moscow (below)

Snegiri2 (2) Snegiri1 (2) Snegiri3 (2) Snegiri 4

Drive along the Volokolamskoye highway to the Memorial to “28 Panfilov’s Heroes” (below)

Dubosekovo2 (2) Dubosekovo1 (2) Dubosekovo3 (2)

Day Four:

Drive to the villages of Yushkovo and Akulovo where the Germans were stopped in fierce battles in 1941 (below left)

Visits to Memorials in Naro-Fominsk (below middle)

Drive out to the Tank Museum at Kubinka and “Patriot Park” (below right)

Yushkovo (2) Narofominsk (2) Kubinka4 (2)

Day Five:

Visit to the Russian Historical Museum and the inside of the Kremlin: Diamond Fund and the Churches

Tour ends early afternoon to enable guests to make afternoon flights or stay on in Moscow


The tour is led by MHT’s Alexander Shmidke, pictured above briefing guests.

For Alexander’s MHT biography please see the following LINK