V Rockets & Peenemunde

Peenemunde & Operation Hydra

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Located on the Baltic coast the Peenemünde Military Test Site was one of the most modern technological facilities in the world between 1936 and 1945. The first launch of a missile into space took place here in October 1942 and at the nearby air force testing area rocket engineers tested numerous flight objects equipped with revolutionary technology. From the start this research was directed toward one goal only: achieving military superiority through advanced technology. MHT traces the history of the Nazi weapons facility and the RAF’s attempts to destroy it.


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The “secret” test centre became a high priority target for the RAF with inevitable results… Operation Hydra: 596 aircraft – 324 Lancasters, 218 Halifaxes, 54 Stirlings on the 18th August 1943 saw the opening round of Operation Crossbow.

Day One: Guests are met by MHT at Berlin Schonefeld Airport at 10:00 before transfer up to the Baltic coast by private mini bus transport arriving mid to late afternoon. Pre dinner Briefing on the Test Center background and the RAF mission to destroy it.

Day Two: The whole day is spent on the Peenemünde peninsula. Locations visited include the Peenemünde Historical Technical Museum housed in the power station, the freight station, the heating system from the factory to the settlement, the liquid oxygen plant factory, the concentration camps, the DAF camp, von Brauns office, the airfield, the main security entrance and Test Stand 7 – an amazing example of a launch site. We also visit a private museum maintained by a local group of enthusiasts who do much to preserve the story. We then return to our hotel arriving 17:30 ready for a well deserved dinner.

Day Three: Back at the site we concentrate on the RAF raid. On the ground we consider the photo reconnaissance story which identified the location as a target and we consider how the RAF approached the site with the use of Pathfinders and how they tactically bombed the target. Nearby we visit a lake where the remains of a Lancaster shot down on a raid can be seen. We visit a cemetery where the scientific staff and civilians killed in the air raids are buried and pay our respects. Our tour to Peenemünde ends with a visit to the memorial to the concentration camp victims either worked to death or killed in the air raids. After lunch we then return to Berlin Schonefeld Airport arriving c18:00.