Military History Tours are THE experts and here at MHT we take great pride in what we do.  We specialise in low group numbers and are experts in each of our chosen fields. We wish to share this ‘on the ground’ knowledge with you as we believe it is only by walking in the footsteps of those who were there can you get a real insight into what went on. MHT enables you to ‘live’ the history.

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The wonderful images above capture the essence of an MHT trip: rolling back the years to bring history to life

MHT it is all about the ‘experience’. Naturally we take care of all local accommodation, transport and entrances but what sets us aside is our on the ground knowledge and contacts, established over many, many years that enable you to really get under the surface of your chosen subject matter. Guests take full advantage of the low cost airlines which enable them to literally ‘hit the ground running’ and not waste precious time travelling out to mainland Europe by coach. Guests book their own flights and we take the hassle out of planning your own trip and can tell you exactly what flights to book, typically less than £100 return.

By guiding guests around these historic locations we feel we are contributing greatly towards ‘keeping the spirit alive’ of what went on back in times gone by. The memorable events need to be communicated to future generations to act as a reminder of how evil man can be and how people have risen up and committed great acts of self sacrifice in the name of freedom and liberty – let their sacrifice not be in vain.


The exercise park at Colditz Castle, a hiding point for the Cockleshell Heroes and guests launch the Colditz Glider from the castle attics! 

To enable guests to receive the very best level of service from each of our “Trip Experts” we strictly limit the size of each group. Typically our groups are just 8-12 in number – most other operators simply take as many guests as they can with the obvious effect of a reduction in quality of each guest’s experience. That is not what we are about.

Anyone is welcome to come along on one of our trips but to enable visitors to really enjoy what history has to offer we would suggest you need to be able to walk 500m in one go several times a day and be able to climb a set of stairs and be able to walk up a slight  incline. For specific tour details please just ask.

In addition we feel greatly that the lone traveller should not be financially penalised and deliberately have extremely low single person supplements, starting at just £20 a night.

So why not have a ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences with us and book your trip today and we look forward to sharing it with you.

Gavin JF Worrell, BA (Hons), FCMA, CGMA, Barrister, Managing Director, Military History Tours Limited