Operation Market Garden: Drop/Landing Zones & Bridges

Market Garden: Hells Highway, the Drop Zones & Bridges

20-22 Sept 2019, £599 plus £45 per night single room supplement, where applicable. Places available.

Following the initial successes of D Day the Allied advance began to develop supply problems and eventually halted at the Dutch/Belgian border at the beginning of September 1944. In order to break the deadlock Montgomery proposed using airborne troops to make a daring leap over the German defences and open up the way for a mass advance by the Allied armour into Germany. Despite an outstanding valiant and heroic attempt by the British they were unable to ‘hold until relieved’ by the Second Army and, in the name of Ryan’s famous book and subsequent Hollywood movie, it tragically proved to be ….. “A Bridge Too Far….”

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Photo credit: the beautiful black & white image was taken by the very talented Jantje Asfalt

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