Operation Biting: Bruneval Raid

Operation Biting: Bruneval Raid

1-2 March 2019, £399 plus £45 per night single room supplement, where applicable. Places available.

Operation Biting, also known as the Bruneval Raid, was the code name given to a British Combined Operations raid on a German radar installation at Bruneval in northern France, which took place on the night of 27–28 February 1942 during World War II. A number of these installations were identified from Royal Air Force (RAF) aerial reconnaissance photographs during 1941, but their exact purpose and the nature of the equipment that they possessed was not known. Scientists requested that one of these installations be raided and the technology it possessed be studied and, if possible, extracted and brought back to Britain for further examination.  It was decided that an airborne assault followed by seaborne evacuation would be the most practicable way to surprise the garrison of the installation, seize the technology intact, and minimise casualties to the raiding force.











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