Colonel Paul Oldfield

Military Historian

In a military career spanning 36 years, Paul Oldfield served in most of the usual hotspots, including three years in Ulster, plus the Balkans, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan and Iraq. Other appointments included running the MOD’s Africa team for three years and commanding a mountain and arctic warfare unit. He has also served with the Gurkhas.

Paul was educated in Sheffield and at Victoria College in Jersey, where he became interested in the German fortifications. Being of the post-war generation he had plenty of relatives with military experience, which, combined with those excellent war films of the 1940-60s, provided the initial spark of interest in all things military. He ran his first battlefield tour on the Somme in 1983 and has dabbled in WW1 and WW2 tours ever since. Paul is a member of the Western Front Association, the Gallipoli Association, the Victoria Cross Society and the Guild of Battlefield Guides, gaining the prestigious Badge in November 2010 (No.51).
He lives in Wiltshire and is married to Deb; they have three grown–up children. Retirement from the Army in 2011 gave him more time to devote to battlefield studies and he is always looking for new challenges and opportunities. With his military experience he is able to bring a soldier’s insight to battlefields past. He has assisted Battlefield History TV in making five documentary DVDs – ‘Mons 1914’, ‘Battles of the Marne & the Aisne’, ‘Second Ypres 1915’, ‘Bruneval Raid’ and ‘The St Nazaire Raid’. Paul has also written a number of military history books:


‘Sheffield City Battalion’ in the Pals series – 1988 – co-authored with Ralph Gibson.
‘Cockleshell Raid’ in Pen & Sword’s Battleground Europe series – 2012.
‘Bruneval’ in Pen & Sword’s Battleground Europe series – 2013.
‘Victoria Crosses on the Western Front, August 1914 – April 1915, Mons to Hill 60’ – 2014.
‘Victoria Crosses on the Western Front, April 1915 – June 1916, Second Ypres to the Eve of the Somme’ – 2015.

Another seven volumes in the ‘Victoria Crosses on the Western Front’ series are due for publication between February 2016 and September 2018.
For MHT Paul conducts Cockleshell, Dieppe, Bruneval and St Nazaire raids plus D-Day Preparations.

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